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Friday, 11 April 2014

The Joy Challenge: Thursday 10th April 2014

What is so good about the good news? A question asked today during training with a local church encouraging people to share Jesus in their local community. For if people don't understand what's good about our good news then it's no news which is bad news! And so, some goodness in the good news from the lovely people we met today...

That God loves us. Utterly.
That we are not alone. 
That he is our refuge, our help, and our protection.
That he is the good Father and we are his children.
That we have hope for this life and the next..
That we are not a mistake but people intricately designed and made by a loving Creator.
That we have been invited into an adventure, a calling, a purpose, a point, a mission.
That we belong and are accepted.
That, through Jesus, we have a relationship with the King, the Lord Almighty.
That, because of his great love, we are not consumed.
We are no longer simply known by God but can know Him.

This is good news indeed.

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