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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ephesians 5:14

Wake up, oh sleeper, and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.
Almost a year ago now, we prayed for a dear friend to be raised from the dead. In amongst the grief and confusion of that prayer not being answered, I remember realising how easy it would be for Jesus to breathe life back into someone. Just say the word. Matthew 8.8. His voice is the one that formed the world, that cracks the cedars, that causes all in the temple to cry glory. Psalm 29.3-10. His voice calls forth Lazarus from the grave, and causes dry bones to be bound with sinew and muscle and flesh. Wake. Up. At some point that night during the hours of calling out for god to act i realised that resurrection is what Jesus does - not just from literal death but spiritual death. Wake up sleepy heads. Wake up from your slumber, your forgetfulness, your wilful rebellion, your ingratitude, your labouring uselessly over what can never satisfy. Wake up, Nic, from your self pity, your anxiety, your anger, your grudges, your petty rivalries and your selfishness. Oh god, I want to shine and I cannot wake myself up. Can these bones of Barnwell of Cambridge of England of Nic live? Only you know. Ezekiel 37.3. Fill me with light today. Wake me up. Don't let the light within me become dark. Matt 6.22-23. Teach me to shine as I am covered by your rising light. Isaiah 60.1.

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