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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ephesians 1:18-19

Ephesians 1.18-19. I am currently sitting in Mcdonalds and the lyrics of the song playing say,' God knows we're worth it.' Admittedly the song is talking about a relationship between humans. Ephesians talks about how God feels about us instead. Paul's desire is for the deepest kind of knowledge. A knowing that floods every corner of the human soul. A brightening of darkness, a quickening of dullness. Illumination of our entire emotional and intellectual understanding. This is no academic assent to doctrinal truths. This is intimate revelation. We need to really really really know hope. We need to live it and breathe it and remember that God was the initiator. Not us. He called us into hope from hopelessness. And again, the most remarkable thing is that He wanted to call us. Not only do we have an inheritance, but we are someone's inheritance. Let that sink in. We are a treasured people, God's most precious possession. God has been waiting since the beginning of time for us to be his. Wow. To him, we are glorious riches. Christ so longed for us to be with him, that he scorned the cross' shame. Instead he considered the joy set before him. He considered us - his inheritance. God knows we're worth it. 

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