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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ephesians 1:19-20

I got the power... I got the power.. For those of you that missed it, that was a reference to Snap's 1990 classic. And also to Ephesians 1.19-20. We are to know the power that we possess. And what power is that? This is grave conquering, death defeating, curse breaking resurrection power. And we are to know not only that we have it but that it is at work in us. It has been at work in us since the awakening of faith: we were dead. Ephesians 2.1. We needed something earthshakingly mighty to wake us up. We, like Jesus in the grave, could not live again lest God make it so. To know the reality of power at work in the past is to respond with awestruck wonder and thankfulness in the present. He said live and we lived. Ezekiel 16.6. But there is more: the power which first woke us from slumber when God called our names is still at work in us. We are still waking up. We are still being made alive to the reality of God's power at work in our hearts. We are to count ourselves daily more and more alive to Him. Romans 6:11. Am I doing this today? Am I fully awake to all the possibilities of God? Is my Spirit alive to his leading or still dead in parts? Are my ears pricked to the whisper of His voice? Wake up, sleepy-headed Nic. Know the power that you possess to live this life for Him.

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