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Sunday, 27 July 2014

God cannot be boxed

The uncomfortable wrestle of the middle ground 
A no man's land that refuses to subscribe to a camp
Hesitant to create a box, to tame a lion
For you are wild.
                  Extravagant in grace
                               Outlandish in love
                                         Pure as water
                                                 Holy as fire
I cannot box you in.

You defy lines,
Unending circle, 
                      you will not be confined by reasoned dimensions.
A myriad of colours rainbowed through glass
Momentary flashes of revelation create mystery.
An endless juggling act of 
                                  holy love 
                                  loving holiness
The impossibility of pinning down clouds 
of capturing by camera what only the eye sees
of holding all of you 

God cannot be boxed.

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