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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Joy Challenge: Thursday 13th March 2014

Today's joy is inspired by worshipping with Lizzie and Elaine before cafe this morning. As we strummed and sang, I was struck by the words 'Praise is my warfare.' When we choose joy and thankfulness over self-centred mopping and ingratitude we are waging war against darkness and despair in our lives and the lives of others. That is incredible. The weapons that we fight with are not the weapons of this world...they have divine power to destroy strongholds and take every thought captive to Christ. 2 Corinthians 1-:4-5. Come on! As we sang this morning, the fog lifted and the beginnings of sunlight - slowly, little by little by little (Exodus 23:30)- broke through the church windows. Let us be those who sing songs in dark places today. Acts 16:25. 

File:Fog shadow of GGB.jpg

Praise is my warfare
Praise is my warfare
Praise is my warfare
And as I sing, the darkness lifts.

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