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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Joy Challenge: Wednesday March 12th 2014

FeatherDelight yourself in the Lord. (Psalm 37:4) What a beautifully unusual command: be happy in God's presence, rejoice in spending time with Him, take pleasure in all his myriad displays of goodness. Simply delight. Delight as a child who gurgles with laughter as someone tosses them into the air. Let a big goofy smile plaster itself on your face as you remember that you are his child and he has lavished you with love. (1 John 3:1) You belong to your beloved and his desire is for you uniquely. (Song of Songs 7:10) You are hidden in the cleft of his rock. (Exodus 33:22) Sheltered under the feathers of his wings. (Psalm 91:4) Resting between his shoulder blades. (Deuteronomy 33:12) And so...delight. 

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