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Monday, 31 March 2014

The Joy Challenge: Thursday 27th March 2014

"The baptismal call to be with God is an invitation to joy. Christian life i the form of human living that seeks to live fully in and from the life of God. It is lived in the joy in which God lives. We are placed into the divine joy. It is the mutually indwelling joy of the three persons of the Trinity, whose joy in living is the joy of living in and through each other. It is the life of joy that shouts the creation into being...that chooses to form a people and to shape them in joyful ways of living, to inspire them to sing on behalf of all creation...It is a joy that comes to earth to redeem earth, that was burst from the grip of earth's death and causes people to sing...And we are evidence of God's enjoyment in humanity. God enjoys us so much that he shares his gifts with each one of us. We bear the imprints of God. We are those who dare to trust in the enjoyment of God. We trust that God enjoys the praise of his people, that God placed his joy in human beings and seeks to see that joy discovered and released." Christopher Cocksworth.

And so...sing, share, laugh, love, knowing that God longs to for us to be joyful. Release joy today through generosity, kindness, grace, compassion. Reveal who God is by opening your lips to join in creation's celebratory song, declaring the goodness of the ultimate joy giver, the joy bearer, the joy sharer. 

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